FIX BRIGHTNESS PROBLEM IN PC: Easy Fix in every Windows


Hi Guys, In This Blog Post We are gonna learn about How to Fix Brightness Problem in PC
Many times in Our PC, Laptop, Computer whatever you call it. We Face a problem when we Cannot Change our brightness. So, In this Article, We Will Fix this Issue

So Lets Fix Brightness Problem in PC

First of All, Why this Happens… its Only Because of Outdated or Missing Graphics Drivers for Your PC. You may have installed Windows in your Pc. But After that You need to install, Many Drivers.


Drivers Actually are an Intermediate Between Hardware and Operating System which Lets our Hardware work with the Operating system. So, Here is the simple solution to this Problem.


So Guys, First of All, You have to check out which Operating System You are Using.

Fix Brightness Problem in PC


Then Go for, Your PC Brand and Series. Find Out about its Specifications and


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Now You have to Find A Graphics Driver that Suites your PC.


You can Find it on the Official Website or Support site of your PC Brand. Or also in other Places


Updating of Drivers can be Done in Two Ways…..


  1. First Way is Easy But Costs Much Data. Its Windows Update
    You have to go to Settings of Your PC.

    then Go for Updates and Update Your Windows. Windows will find best drivers for You pc from its collection and that’s the best way to do it.

  2. Second Way is a little Complicated But is Specific

    In First Method, Windows Update will download So many other things along with the graphics drivers. and Also, It will be Much More Costly in terms of Internet Usage.

    So, In Second Method… You can Directly Go for Your Graphics Driver on Over the internet. You have to to the Official Website of Your Product Support and find out Drivers for Graphics therein.

Sometimes You will Not find any Drivers on such Web sites. or Sometimes there are no Websites. So, In that Case, Windows Update is the best You can Do with.


and that’s all You have to do…Fix Brightness Problem in PC


After the Driver is Installed, your Brightness will be Working Again…



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