How to Make a Logo for Free – Best Logo Design Software 2018 [Updated]


Do You Want to Make a Logo For Free?? Lets Talk About  Best Free Logo Design Software 2018  [Updated in September, 2018]


Do You Have a Logo for Your Business, Your Brand, Your Blog, Your Channel…??


You May or You May Not…


But Here is a Question Actually Why You need a Logo… and What is Actually a Logo is…


A Logo is a symbol or other small design adopted by an organization to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc. 


But That’s pretty a definition Only…


A Logo Simply a graphic or design that represent your or your organization. It is like a brand that act as Identity.


So Here is another Question…


Why Do You Need a Logo…??

What is Importance of Logos..??


As Said, Logo act as a brand, it represent your organization… It build trust in People. It Provide you authority and Unique identity in market. If Your Logo is Well Designed and Unique, It is Going to Make your brand more important and trustworthy….


Some Logos even directly connect to people’s memories. So, That’s What Make a Change with Having a proper Logo.


So, How would you like to get a logo designed for Yourself…


Paying thousands of dollars, rupees… in general a lot of Money.. ??


But isn’t it a great expense…. If You are doing a startup or you are just a beginner…. and You don’t have that much to spend of your logo….



It may be a complicated situation. Because You know that logo is important but You also don’t have so much money to spend on it.


So Guys… Why to Worry…

When You Can Design Yourself a Great logo for yourself…


I myself spend months to make a logo for free for my startups… in the time it was very difficult. You have to use Photoshop or Such Complicated and Advanced Software.

or Use Something ordinary like Paint…


Well, thats Not Joke…. I have even Used Paint and Microsoft Power Point to design a logo and I was even successful in creating that awesome logo.


But Today it is not that Difficult…


If you don’t want to spend to much on Logo, I have a great tool for you that’s, DesignEvo


and I am going to tell you another thing that…. You don’t have to Pay…. its Free 


and Why it is Free when you logo design is such a expensive stuff, Let me Tell You in Detail… Just Stick to My article and read it all….


I am Going to Review Honestly….

What it is and Why its Best in My opinion


How to Make a Logo for Free - Best Logo Design Software 2018 [Updated]

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So Thats is A Honest Review for DesignEvo 


What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is an online logo maker for creating professional logos in seconds. Try it out: Some of its key features:
* 5000+ professionally designed templates.
* Over one million icons available to search through
* Hundreds of text fonts and shapes to choose from.
* Fully customizable features.
Besides, it also has mobile versions:
So D, The version for Mac:

DesignEvo is a cloud based application, a Web Application in terms… which works on the web. You can make a here unlimited number of Logos YOURSELF Without any Professional Graphic Expert….


So, You are Going to be Yourself a Graphic Designer Today… So Lets Simply Go through the DesignEvo Website and Create a Attractive and Premium logo in Minutes…

Here is How to Make a Logo for free Video Tutorial…

[vdgk_video_sticky videotype=”youtube” src=”” height=”295″ width=”525″]


This Video is Going to Explain You How to Make a logo for free… But Still Lets me Tell You about its features

DesignEvo Features

  • Thousands of Icons that are simply
  • Just Drag and Drop
  • Pre-built templates You can Edit.
  • Free to use
  • Save You Logo in You Account



DesignEvo Pricing:

I have Been Telling your that its Free… then Why Pricing…


hello there… Don’t Worry.. It’s not that Much to Think… Its Simple… They are giving you services for free but they also have premium plans…


if You need a Higher Resolution File… If You Need a Transparent Background….or If you Want to Register the Logo with Your Copyright…

That why You Need to Pay…


and That’s pretty Honest… Unlike other Editors… You can Still Make a Logo For Free in Here….


I have Tried All of Logo Makers online as well as offline… and They always need Money for Logo…

Which of course I can’t pay on that time….

How to Make a Logo for Free - Best Logo Design Software 2018 [Updated]


There are three plans in Website:

Free: In the free plan you can download unlimited logos, but you’ll get low-resolution images and PNG files with a background.


Basic: The Basic plan comes with a one time charge of $19.99 wherein you get super high quality 5000*5000 pixels logo, png with a transparent background, unlimited revisions, and lifetime support.


Plus: The Plus plan comes with a price tag of $39.99/one time. Trust me it’s the best value for money. I’m personally using their plus plan, and it’s so good that I am happy to pay them $40 for that.

You get super high quality 5000*5000 images, lifetime support, unlimited revisions, copyright free image, vector and SVG files.


  • 4000+ Logo Templates
  • Free to download logos
  • Unlimited icons and beautiful fonts


  • Need Internet Connection (its Not a con, I am Just Joking, Who Do not have internet Now a days)


Finally, I will close the topic with my own opinion about it for blogger, youtuber, beginners or professionals, Because that matters the most.. to give you best Suggestions and advice.


Conclusion – Final Words :

Oh My God, You Read it All… Thanks Men (or Women)


Now its Time for Conclusion Which I am Going to Conclude Very Honestly and Simply. It is Important So, Continue


Here is the thing, that You are free to use this web application or Website whatever you call it…


and You get thousands of templates for free. You can create any type of logo…For Free and Premium plans only are to get you a higher resolution with copyright authority.


That it is..
With Free Plan… it is not different from premium… only thing is resolution which is not that bad… 500*500 is a good resolution….


So, In My Opinion Go Through Website… Create your design, Your logo and Download it fo Free…


Then You can be Smart and Edit it as You like and Create a Oscar….

It Doesn’t matter if You are a Professional… It simply gonna help in that case also…


You know, You get Thousands of Ideas on Website… Which You can Use to make Logo a logo for free…


So, Good Luck…With The Great tool I Have Just Explained about.


See You in My Next Article…



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