Transfer Files from PC to PC Using Lan Wire 2018 [ Fastest Way ]



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We Will Know the Fastest Way to Transfer Files from PC to PC Using Lan Wire [Updated 2018]


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With Increase in the Sizes of Memory, and Our Usage to it. It is Becoming a Very Difficult thing to do now a days to transfer or copy paste files and data from one device to another.


Whether it is Between Smartphone or Computer/Laptop or Between One PC to Another. The Storage Devices are also Getting advanced and powerful.


So, Here Today, I am Going to Solve this problem in Very Bunch Steps.


First, Let me introduce you to, What is actually You are Transferring.


What is DATA???


Unlike Old Paper Files or Documents, In Computer Data is Stored in Binary form… In Form of 0 and 1. and The Collection of These Digits collection maks Data in Computers. it will be something like…. eg, 010010001, Which may be a instruction to show ‘K’ as Output.


So, Things Work accroding to these Binary Digits, But


Here is The Point Why I am Telling You All this, About DATA




The Speed of Transfer May Differs according to Your Device, So, I want to tell You This in Advance that


Indeed, We are Discussing the fastest Way to transfer files from pc to pc, Yet, It is to be told how data works and transferred.


So, Great,


You Ready??



Let Me Show You


How Data is Stored, Why Transferring becomes slow


Anything you store or save is saved as an instruction in computer. To Output Something on happening of that event etc.


Like that


But Was is that Easy to Understand,




The Point Behind Telling you All this is that There can be so many files with Small Size, Which Cause Problem




As You Know Now that Data we Store is an instruction, So, When You have So many Small Files, Which all have different instructions, They will  take time.


Data, Doesn’t contain only the Information You are Working on. But also Contact a Thing Called Meta Information


For Example,  You have Audios in Your Mobile or Device, Music Instead….


They are Songs,  But Have You ever notices They have Some text and Images as well.


Thats What I am Saying about,


The Data We Store in our PC, Contains Two things, 

  1. Main Instructions

  2. Meta Information

So, The meta Information is also another thing that Cause Slowing Down the process of copying.


Take an Example of Folder Which Contain Two another Folders,

On With A Movie of 1 GB and Another a Collection of Songs of Same Size


Which On will be Transffered First,


The Answer is Movies



Because, It has only one meta information to update, But On the other side In case of Music Songs, It Contains 200 Songs, Which all will have its own meta information to update on the destination folder where is being pasted.


So, Thats Make the Process much slow,


Ok. You Know that Now Lets Move to Fastest way to transfer files from pc to pc in 2018


Things You Need to Transfer files from pc to pc in Fastest Way Possible in 2018

  • LAN Wire
  • Nothing (Hey, you need Your Two PC’s Where Files are being transferred)


Here LAN Wire Can be Also a Problem in Some Cases


So, you Need a Quality LAN Wire With Cross Cable Type For Fastest as Well as Compatibility in Maximum Devices.


Transfer Files from PC to PC



Lets Dig in With The steps to Transfer Files from PC To PC

It is to Be done Only for First Time, Don’t Worry, When You next Time Want to Transfer Files, It Will be easy.

  1. Connect The LAN Wire on Both Computers
  2. In First PC, Go the The Control Panel > Networks and Sharing Center 
  3. Check Connections, Wired or Local Area Network Must be There ( It doesn’t matter there is Internet Access or Not)
  4. On Left Pane: Click Change Advanced Sharing Settings
  5. In Advanced Sharing Options Do Following Settings as Shown in Screenshots Below
  6. Back to Network and Sharing Center, Click Local Area Network
  7. It will Open a Dialog Box, With Some Options Click Poperties
  8. Here, Find Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  9. In Its Properties, Change to Use the Following IP Address
  10. Enter IP in First PC: and Click Subnet Mask Field, It Will Generate Automatically, Press OK
  11. Do the Same Process in Other PC, Just Set IP as
  12. Now, You Are Done, Its Will More Secure and Fastest.
  13. Press Win Button + R, to Open Run, Enter \\ (You have enter the ip set of other pc)
  14. Thats All, You Will Have Access to the Public Folders of the Other PC
  15. To Add Access to other folders, I Recommend You to Watch My Video, Because thats is Better Explained in there.

All the Screen shots/ Images in Steps

Transfer Files from pc to pc
Control Panel (View by Large Icons)



Transfer Files from pc to pc
In Network and Shaing Center, Checking for Connection and then Clicking advanced sharing



Transfer Files from pc to pc
Turning on Access and Settings



Transfer Files from pc to pc
Turning on Access and Settings



Transfer Files from pc to pc
After Click on Local Area Network and then on Properties, This dialog Appears



Transfer Files from pc to pc
Changin Ip Address



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