Windows Update Problem Fix – All Errors Solution 2018 [Updated]


Do You Have Microsoft Windows Installed in your Pc or Laptop, whether it is Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10, You will need Your Windows Update Problem Fix ed.


It have been Years, Microsoft Windows is Installed all over the World and Periodically it Give Updates to Its Users,


Windows update is a Feature of Windows that Helps you to Get latest version and Definations from Windows servers. It helps to be your operating system update to latest technology.




There are 100s of Problems, and Today


In This Articles,


We are Going to Fix all Problems related to Windows Update.

It Doesn’t matter What You are Using


Maybe it is Windows 10, windows 7 windows 8 or Windows 8.1


Problems We are going to Discuss:


      1. Automatic Download of Windows Updates[dt_gap height=”10″ /]
      2. Windows Update Stucked in Between or is not progressing
      3. Windows Updates Downloading Again and Again but not Installing
      4. Background Intellegence Transfer and Updates You can Normally Stop.
      5. Is Windows Update Good or Bad, What to Do.


1. Stopping and Controlling Automatic Updates:

Most of Cases Windows update Downloads Automatically in Windows 8 and 10, There was no option of making it manual initially.


Indeed, now in Latest updates of Windows, Windows have added Manual feature but Yet Sometime that Doesn’t Works…


So I have Very Simple method,


First one is that You have to Make your Connection as a Metered Connection.


Check out  How to make a Connection as Metered Connection


After Doing This,

Every Time You connect to That Wifi or Internet Facility,  Updates will not Download Automatically, It Will Do a little Job for You




I Will Recommend you Do this one also,


The Second One: You have to Download One File of Mine From Given Button.


[dt_default_button link=”” button_alignment=”default” animation=”fadeIn” size=”medium” default_btn_bg_color=”” bg_hover_color=”” text_color=”” text_hover_color=”” icon=”fa fa-chevron-circle-right” icon_align=”left”]Download Required File[/dt_default_button]


Then, you will find a Zipped File,

You have to Extract it with Extracting Software like Winrar, 7zip etc

and it will give you 4 files, You have to Use only One out of these.

Thats : Notify to Download and Notify to Install


So, Open this File, It will ask for User Confirmation,


Press Yes and


Then again You will asked to Press Yes and then You have to press OK.


That’s All For Stopping Automatic Windows Update.



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2. Windows Update Stuck in Between or is not progressing:

You may Wonder but Windows update need a lot of data to be downloaded most of times. and that produces the problem….


  • First Check out the speed of your internet Connection, Because you have to Download GB’s of Data (eg. 8 GB)…
  • Make Sure you are downloading Windows in One Go…(I Mean Don’t Skip or Resume it again and again…Let it complete in one go)

Most of times this problem is because of non-proper downloading of Windows Updates…


You should always remember to download all updates without any interference.

But Here I want to tell you solution.


Just Do a simple step..


.that is Troubleshooting…


I know it was not that efficient before but Now it Work every time.


If there is a problem in Windows Update, it will fix that problem definitely but If something other, It may not be.


So, Here I am Providing to direct Link to Download this Troubleshooter with advanced features.


[dt_default_button link=”” button_alignment=”default” animation=”fadeIn” size=”medium” default_btn_bg_color=”” bg_hover_color=”” text_color=”” text_hover_color=”” icon=”fa fa-chevron-circle-right” icon_align=”left”]Windows Update Troubleshooter Advanced[/dt_default_button]

Note: You Will be Redirected to the Microsoft Website, You have to choose The Version of Windows there to Download the Troubleshooter.


  • Download The Troubleshooter for Your Windows Version
  • Open it…Click Advanced


Click Run as Administrator

  • After it..Troubleshooter will launch again…
  • and Now Select Windows Update and Press Next
  • Troubleshooting will start…and After Processing You Will Find…Windows Update Database Corruption Problem.
  • You have to Click on Apply this Fix…
  • Now, After it…Troubleshooter again start processing and You will See an Message like below
  • Now, Here You can see… It is saying that You have pending Updates for this Machine and clicking on Apply this Fix will Start Update process in background immediately. It is upto You….
  • I Don’t Want to Windows Update Download in Background so I Click on Skip this Fix…But If you have internet and You are downloading Updates….Click Apply this Fix
  • Thats all…Your Problem related to Stucked Updates will be Solved….

Congratulation…It will also solve another problems for You…If  Your Updates are downloading again and again and not will also Fix that….


3. Windows Updates Downloading Again and Again but not Installing:

This Problem will be solved, collectively with above method…Click me to Go to Solution 1


But Here, Try Clearing Caches and Temporary Files Using Disk Cleanup Tool in Windows




Here This Tool is Inbuilt in Your PC, It will Help you to Delete Current Update Files Which May have been Corrupted.


You Can Open the Tool With following Steps

  1. Open Run Using Ctrl+R 
  2. Type cleanmgr.exe and Press Enter
  3. Now, Select the Drive , viz. C Drive and Next
  4. Here Click Clean Up System Files (Note: In Normal, It only clean temporary files)
  5. The Disk Cleanup Will Start Again, Choose Drive
  6. Select All Folders to Clean
  7. Lets Go and Press OK


That Was Easy to do


But, Wait


You should Restart Your PC Before Restarting the Update Process




Can I Tell You One Thing,


You Don’t Need to be Too much Afraid of Windows Update, First Properly Understand How this Update System Works, Understand How You can control it, If you can Control it, You can never Get errors or problems related to Windows Update




Make sure You Understand this


4. Background Intelligence Transfer and Updates You can Normally Stop:


After Doing All These Fixes Told before, You may Think


Windows Updates are in Your Control, 




Let me Warn You, YOU ARE WRONG,




Windows Update in Addition to its Normal Services,


Have Some Other Update Services that Cannot be Stopped Very Easily




If I have Said, I am Going to Tell You fixes for All the Issues


I Will Tell You Simple Fix to It, But it is Only Temporary, Works for Only One Session,



You know, I said

“Have Some Other Update Services that Cannot be Stopped Very Easily”


It have other Services, So If You have Disabled Windows Update Service Previously, Which is not going to Work,


You Still have this Problem, Because there are other services related to Windows Update




I don’t Recommend You to Disable Windows Update, At Least in Windows 8.1 and 10.


it Doesn’t Matter, you Use Pirated Copy or Genuine License of Windows


You Should Still Keep Your PC Up to Date


It Contains Important Security Patches, Absense of which can result Viruses and malwares in Your PC,


Lets Get Back to the Point,


You Need to Know First What Are the Other Services and Processes Related to Windows Update


So, Now,


You have to Open The Task Manager in Detail Mode

(Task Manager can be opened by Right Clicking on Taskbar )



as Shown in Picture


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