How to send APK on whatsapp without any additional app


Do you want to share a good app with your friends? but you can only share app when friends when they are near you and with one extra app from play store.But now I am sharing a trick with you so that you can share APK with your friends on WhatsApp.

Yeah, that’s right you can send and receive apk on whatsapp,facebook and also on any messenger that can send any files. You only have to want apk of app that you want to send. If you have not apk of app you can download app from play store that can create apk of any installed app on your device.

Steps to send .apk:

  1. First you have apk that you want to send. Than you have to open your file manager.

2. Then you have to rename the apk file example.apk to example.txt

3. Then you have to select the file and click share option.


Steps to receive .apk:

  1. First you have to download the example.txt file in your device.

2. Then goto file manager > Whatsapp > Whatsapp documents and select example.txt file and rename it clash of clans.txt to clash of clans.apk.

3. Then you have to simply install app on your device.

This trick is very useful for any file that you can’t send on whatsapp. There is some feature on whatsapp to send some type of files but not to all type of files but now you can send any file on whatsapp with the use of this trick that i’m shared with you.

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