12 Best Free WordPress Plugins 2020 | Recommended for All Websites [Updated]

12 Best Free Wordpress Plugins 2018 Recommended for All Websites [Updated]

Creating Blog and Installing WordPress is very Simple thing to Do Now a Days,

But the Most of Beginners have Problem with What Plugins and Themes Should They Use to Make the Website Work Properly.

This Article Basically is Going to Explore the Best Free WordPress Plugins That You Must use in Your Website in 2020.


Are You Ready to explore 12 Most Recommended and Best Free WordPress Plugins in 2020 !!


This Post will be always Fresh According to Current Time. Doesn’t Matter When You Read it… I will be Updating it Every Month.

So, Lets Dive in

12 Best Free WordPress Plugins 2018 Recommended for All Websites [Updated]


1.  Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades Plugin

12 Best Free WordPress Plugins 2018 Recommended for All Websites

Are You Surprised to See This Plugin on My List??


This is One of the Most Simple But Useful Plugin That You have Missed in your WordPress Website.


What Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrade  Plugin Do?

As You Know That You may Not be Using all the Themes and Plugins from the WordPress Repository or Library.

There are So many Plugins and Theme We Download from Other Places, You Buy or Just Get them for Free and Manually Upload them on our Website. So, This Plugin is Actually for These Plugins and Themes Which You manually Upload 

On The Time of a Update to Such Plugins and Themes, You have to Uninstall the older version and reinstall the Newer One,

This Plugin Help you to Directly Go and Install the newer one without having a headache of deleting the previous on, It Automatically Detect the Older Version and Newer Version and Add Functionality to WordPress to Update Plugins Directly in Manual Mode also.

I Have this Plugins in All My Projects and Used it For all my clients as well as for my other websites. It is Sure to be Useful and recommended by Professionals.



2. Site Origin Widget Bundle

12 Best Free WordPress Plugins 2018 Recommended for All Websites

This is Another Plugin That is Very Useful in Every WordPress Website.

As You Know there are not very quality and good widgets available in default installation of wordpress.

What SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle Plugin Do?

This is a Great Plugin if You want to have variety of Widgets Options. and

I am Pretty Sure About it, that You Need Good and Advanced Widgets for Your Sidebars and Footers.

This Plugins have So many addon, or Additional Widgets that You can Add on for Free on Your website and You Know, Its Free to Use. So, Go Ahead and Check it Out.




3. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

12 Best Free WordPress Plugins 2018 Recommended for All Websites

In my Experience,

I Tried Dozens of Plugins for Optimizing the images on My Website,

But, No Plugin Worked and Satisfied me other then This Plugin,


What ShortPixel Image Optimizer Plugin Do?


You are Very Lucky !!

Because The solution of Your Slow Website is Here,

Because Problem of Image Optimization is going to fixed today.

So, Guyes This Plugin is Basically a Image Optimizing plugin which Reduce the Size of Your Images Very Effectively. Unlike Other Plugins in List,

This Plugin Really Works Very Well… and If your Website is Slow, Go and Try it Out.

(Note: In Free Version It Only Optimize 100 Images Per Month, But You can Be smart to Get More Limit By Some Tricks over the internet or By Extending the limit with Premium plan. It Really Worth it. )



4. AMP for WordPress

12 Best Free WordPress Plugins 2018 Recommended for All Websites

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a Open Source Project by Google to make all web pages Fast and Uniform for Mobile Devices.




It Changes Our Theme or Design to a minimal one and load content of our website to visitors in Fraction of Seconds.

It is Recent Trends in the Digital World.

Don’t Take is as Severe, It is Affecting Ranking of Website Also

The Website Using AMP in there website are Ranked Higher in the Seach Result.

This Plugin is a Important Need Now a Days, It is Official Plugin by Google, WordPress and Other Developers.

Keep it Installed there is nothing more You have to except some simple settings.




5. Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan

12 Best Free WordPress Plugins 2018 Recommended for All Websites (15)

Keeps You Site Secure and Protected from spammers and Hackers is Very Important. and This Plugin helps a Lot For Free

What Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan Plugin Do?

In Very Simple Words,

It Secure Your Website for Free

If You are Looking For a Free WordPress Plugins That Secure Yourr Website From Hackers and Attacks,

You need it, Wordfence includes an endpoint firewall and malware scanner that were built from the ground up to protect WordPress. It have the newest firewall rules, malware signatures and malicious IP addresses which needs to keep your website safe.

This Plugin Provides Great Features For Free

We have this Plugin in All our Websites to Make Sure they are secure.




6. Simple Author Box

12 Best Free WordPress Plugins 2018 Recommended for All Websites

You Writes Articles/ Posts on you Blog Website But How People are Going to know about You??

Your Theme may have Default Options for Author Box, But They are Not That Eye Catching and Responsive. Also, You Cannot Change Your Profille Picture in that. So Here,

What Simple Author Box Plugin Do?

It is a Plugin That Creates a Custom Author Box,
You Can Edit, Customize it, Give it Your Desired Design,

Add Your Social Medial Links and Customize How they Look.
It is Responsive and is Mobile Friendly

It is Free


It is a Great Choice For You, and We Use it In our Website Also




7. Jetpack by WordPress.com

12 Best Free WordPress Plugins 2018 Recommended for All Websites

If You are Using WordPress,

You Must have Listened about WordPress.com, A Platform Created With WordPress, Like Blogger.com. It is also a Blogging Platform, Where You Don’t have to worry about Hosting and Domain.

You can Create a Free Blog here, We Will Discus about it in Another Videos.

For Now,

Lets Talk About What it Have for Us in a Self Hosted WordPress Website

What Jetpack by WordPress.com Plugin Do?

If You are a beginner, or If You are a Professional,

It is Useful for Both,

For Beginners,
It Can be a Place to Manage Your Blog From WordPress.com Easy Admin Panel, and Use its Automated and Optimized Features,

For Professionals,
In Addition to It, You can Manage All your Websites from One Panel.

Jetpack adds So many Features in your website. 

Lets Discuss it in Detail in Other Blog Post

This is One of First Plugins You Should Install in your Website




8. External Media

12 Best Free WordPress Plugins 2018 Recommended for All Websites

I know You may Mis Understand this Plugin…

But Before it Happen, Let me Tell You Its not a Image Library or Something for Your Uploads, Generally, You Keeps on downloading Files and Images From Internet, Or Sometimes, it is a Stored in your Drives, Cloud Storage or Instagram,

You Download them and Reupload Them,

I am Going to Cut Down One Step for You

What External Media Plugin Do?

This Plugin is really Useful,

Instead of Downloading and Uploading Your Files, With This Plugin you can Directly Use Links or Even Cloud Storages to Upload Media on Your website. For Example You have Found a Image on Pixabay or on Web,

You Will Download and then Again Upload it,

Instead You can Just copy the download URL and Paste it in Your Uploader ( Default Uploader will Contain its Options after install) and It will Fetch the Image directly from the Other Web Storage to Your Web Storage,

Isn’t It Great !!

It have Support to

  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • OneDrive
  • CloudApp
  • Instagram
  • Google Drive
  • Direct URL

( You Need to Manually Activate The features You Want, Its All Free)


Its a Great Choice to make Uploading Easy and Effective.




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9. WP Fastest Cache

12 Best Free WordPress Plugins 2018 Recommended for All Websites

Cheetah is Fastest !!

I Know that What is Cheetah supposed to Do Her??

Oh My GOD,

Do You Believe it??

He is Making Our Website Fast??

Just Joking, Lets come Back

What WP Fastest Cache Plugin Do?

Caches are Temporary Data that Helps Websites and application Load Faster.

Its that Simple, A Copy of How You Website Looks and Basic Structure is Stored Out from the Main Web Server, So that, The Server Doesn’t Need to fetch the structure again and again and go through the long process of PHP Scripts and Databases etc.




10. Really Simple SSL

12 Best Free WordPress Plugins 2018 Recommended for All Websites

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) , in general Words, is a Security Layer Between a web server and a browser in an online communication.

What Really Simple SSL Plugin Do?

This Plugin  detects the settings from server and configures your website to run over https. it Simply redirects all http requests to https.

It Don’t Provide SSL But Use SSL Properly in your website.

So, this is Another Plugin You Must Use in Your Website.




11. Broken Link Checker

12 Best Free WordPress Plugins 2018 Recommended for All Websites

We Keeps on Creating Pages, Posts, Adding media and Links in Our Websites,

But Sometimes There are Links Which are Actually Wrong, or, Sometimes You Delete the Source But You haven’t Removed the Links

What Broken Link Checker Plugin Do?

this Plugins Checks Your Website for Links which are Wrong or Not Working. You Get all Links at One Place, its Source, You can Edit them from Plugin Directly.

If You Ignore Broken Links, You are Never Going to Rank

It is Used by All Professionals and is a Must Have Plugin




12. Yoast SEO


We Work on Websites,


Because We Need Visitors,

And they Come From Search Engines,

You are Not That Popular to Everyone that Someone Directly Come on Your Website.

So, We Have to Optimize Our Website for Search Engines

What Yoast SEO Plugin Do?

This is the Most Popular and Most used Plugin for SEO,

I Really Love it,

  • Intelligent
  • Generate Sitemaps
  • Helps in managing Google Search Console
  • Custom Meta Title, Description, and Focus KeyWords
  • SEO Guide
  • Checks Where I Need to Do SEO
  • Readability Meter

I can’t explain All in Here, It Makes Blogging and SEO Very Easy,


It is a Must Have Plugin, You Should Install in your Website, without Thinking About it.

I Don’t Think There is Any Need to Repeat that I Use it.

Great Work, Go Ahead




Surprise !!! You got 4 Bonus Plugins Here.


Lets Check These in Short, Its Your HomeWork, Try Them and Tell How They Work For You

13. DD Simplest Maintenance Mode Plugin

14. Custom Profile Picture

12 Best Free WordPress Plugins 2018 Recommended for All Websites


15. Ninja Forms / Contact Forms

12 Best Free WordPress Plugins 2018 Recommended for All Websites

12 Best Free WordPress Plugins 2018 Recommended for All Websites

16. Social Warfare

12 Best Free WordPress Plugins 2018 Recommended for All Websites 20




There are So Many Plugins Out There, and So many Being Updated and Added Every Day, So, There can be new Plugins Coming Every Day, If You found Out Some Plugin that Must be in this List Please comment and Let Others Know who are Struggling in This Field. I Tested All the Plugins and Used them For More than an Year, or More ( Excluding some New),

This Post is Not Influenced by Any Person or Organisation, I am Not Promoting or Demoting Any Plugin, Its all about reality and Results.

Hope I Helped You.

Hey…. Tell Me Plugins You Think are Good for WordPress…. Waiting for Your Reply !!!!


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